Monday, July 11, 2011


Build It Green! NYC
3-17 26th Ave., at 4th St., Astoria 718-777-0132
There are salvage stores (like Olde Good Things in Chelsea and the Demolition Depot & Irreplaceable Artifacts in Harlem) with larger inventories of antique lighting, windows, doors, and plumbing, but Build It Green! NYC specializes in goods that won’t hurt your pockets.

$5 dollars buys you a gallon of paint; $15 gets you a bathroom sink. And big-ticket appliances are drastically slashed as well: An unused Viking stainless-steel fridge might sell for $3,000, roughly half what you’d pay for a comparable model at P.C. Richard & Son or Best Buy.

Most of the inventory comes from buildings about to be demolished or revamped, including new condos with finicky owners who swap out standard designer appliances and cabinetry for newer stuff. At its core, Build It Green! NYC is a nonprofit that aims to keep materials out of landfills, so the staff have built relationships with developers and demolition crews as well as television and film studios that regularly drop off unique and reusable props.

We're actually using products from Build It Green for the store.


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