Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I met Clint Hoffman of Ambrose Solutions in June of 2012 when he walked into my boutique 66 Blak Birds located in the Dekalb Marketplace in Downtown Brooklyn, NY. He was hilarious and exuded such good energy we had an instant  rapport and he loved the product as well as the market as a whole.

In our conversation, he suggested that the concept of the container boutiques were fantastic and wondered aloud if something like this could work for the aboriginal people of Australia of which he has a special connection to having grown up with them, he also introduced me to the traditional aboriginal music of the international artist Shellie Morris and I instantly fell in love.

We stayed in touch and he informed me that he was creating a documentary and asked if he could interview me, of course I agreed. Much to my surprise when he arrived back in the states, the lovely Shellie whom I now listen to on my ipod was with him as well as the beautiful Jennifer Sarumi (Whoot Whoot).

I have included a link to part of the doc. and you can find me about six minutes and twenty seconds (6min.20sec) in. See what AMBROSE SOLUTIONS and WALK ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS is all about. Enjoy!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012


On his down time, Dr. Kwame Williams reps the  Chirp by Bsixtee6 abstract "BORN TO FLY" Tee hard.

Most people don't know this story but Mr.Williams has been a constant supporter of the brand almost from day one and keeps me inspired to want to create. I first met him when I had stopped by a school yard, hung some of my tees on the fence and as I was sewing, I videotaped myself talking about my dreams and aspirations. He was with friends and stopped and talked to me and made a purchase.

Thank you so much Kwame for your invaluable loyalty and friendship.

To find this and other Chirp by Bsixtee6 product go to and type in chirp66.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Located at 707 Myrtle Avenue in the heart of Bedford Stuyvesant is a new addition to the neighborhood in the form of a boutique called Vianova.

This quaint little shop owned by Colleen and Sebastian features clothing and accessories of yesterday's past as well as independent designers of the present and future.

Vianova opened to great fanfare on Saturday, September 16th 2012 and was received warmly with it's uncluttered but homey decor and the owners warm smiles. I felt as though I was at the home of a friend who has really cool stuff.

Highly recommended and great prices.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

NYFW: EMERGE Fashion Show

I attended the Emerge Fashion Show this evening with fellow designer Jahi Fitzgerald of Evoli Fashions.

Now in it's 4th year, the show took place at the Broad Street Ballroom and focuses on emerging talent in the fashion world.

Designers featured were Berny Martin of Catou Designs (, India de Beaufort of Ballyhoo (, Arefeh Mansouri of Arefeh Fashion (, Franklin Rowe of Franklin Rowe International (Although he's been designing for 25 years) , Taneasha Prunty of Gidi Designs ( and Natasha Lazarovic of Temna Fialka (

The show played to a packed house and was a mixed bag of influences and styles and was attended by celebrities and fashionistas alike.

Friday, September 7, 2012


I am proud and excited to announce that Brooklyn Stone Boutique located at 366 Myrtle Avenue in Brooklyn, NY will now carry the CHIRP and BSIXTEE6 lines designed by Briian Dargon. 

The one-of-a-kind designs that have been favored by celebrities like Jessica Alba and her husband Cash Warren, Erykah Badu, Grammy Award Winning Singer/Songwriter Gordon Chambers and a host of others will now be made available to the boutique. The Richmond, VA natives designs have also been featured in such publications as Japanese Vogue, TimeOut New York, The Source Magazine, Beyond Race Magazine (BRM), Urban Lux Magazine and a host of other publications and web blogs.

Briian will be focusing on the men's product but says if there is a demand will also incorporate pieces for the boutique's female clientele.

For additional information go to:


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No project for local runways as Fashion Week cancelled

Thursday, September 6, 2012
Rachael Price models a piece from Peter Elias during the 2010 T&T Fashion Week.

For the second consecutive year, there will be no Fashion Week Trinidad and Tobago. The recent rumours about the uncertainty of staging of this year’s event were confirmed by FWTT chairman Anthony Rahael. In a brief telephone interview with the T&T Guardian, Rahael said FWTT, which was due to be held from October 24 to 28, had run out of time in the planning stages without definite decisions being made. “We also found out that the Dominican Republic Fashion Week which is bigger than ours was happening at the same time in October and for us to have it later would not have been practical,” said Rahael.
Asked about Government funding for the event, Rahael said the Planning Ministry had issued a letter committing to funding the event but added that “funding had been rescinded”.
In a T&T Guardian interview in June, Rahael said Fashion Week 2011 was not held because of insufficient funding and mentioned that even with funding this year’s event will not happen. Rahael said several other issues such as “the absence of a manufacturing and production sector” had also led to the decision not to move ahead with Fashion Week 2012. Planning Minister Bhoe Tewarie was not aware that the event had been cancelled and denied pulling funding. “We committed ourselves to funding on the basis that the fashion community would be united in its purpose as to what it would be and how and it would be and what was to be achieved,” said Minister Tewarie. “Government was not interested in a fashion show, we were interested in something that could help us to build the basics for development of a fashion industry.” Tewarie said the Ministry was not satisfied that it was feasible to do the type of event they had hoped for in 2012. He pointed to the delay in coming up with a proposal, the level of organisation and time frame involved and the differences of opinion within the fashion industry.
Asked whether FWTT had apprised the Ministry of the problems in reaching an agreement among stakeholders, Tewarie said he had his own uncertainties about the unity of the fashion industry behind a proposal sent by Rahael. “I called a meeting of stakeholders at which it was agreed that they would come back with another proposal. They have not come back with one yet,” Tewarie said. “We left the door open for agreements to be reached within the fashion industry so that they could come to us with a modest proposal focused on local and regional markets for 2012 and we would do something more substantial in 2013,” Tewarie concluded. Fashion designer Peter Elias said he was disappointed to hear that Fashion Week was to be cancelled this year, although he admitted that the news came as a surprise to him. “I’m working feverishly on my new resort collection and I’m aware the Ministry of Planning was going to assist in this venture. “Events like these require precise budgeting, detailed preparations and many links to enable the investment to be fruitful for all involved,” Elias said.
The cancellation of FWTT 2012 will also mean the five University of Trinidad and Tobago graduates promised opportunities to show lines at the event will be denied the potential exposure. When local designer Anya Ayoung-Chee won the American design competition Project Runway last October, it was hoped that this would stimulate progress in the fashion industry, especially after Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar pledged her support for the industry.


Thursday, September 6, 2012


Pic. from 2007 
Pic. from 2007

I first met Michael Kennerly in 2007 when he showed up at my showroom/studio with another model that I was to shoot that day. I was instantly attracted to his quick wit and kindness and immediately thereafter asked him to shoot with me. He was a hulking 230lbs of solid muscle at the time so I wasn't really sure what to shoot him in aside from some tee shirts and polo shirts but we made it work. He had no aspirations of being a model at the time but I saw something in him and thought that he should give it a try.

He has come a long way in the 5 years since and has such an incredible face, he's slimmed down and can now fit a wide array of clothing styles but more importantly he has that same wit and spirit.

Height: 6'2"
Weight:190 & Muscular
Chest: 42"
Sleeve: 32/33
Waist: 32
Shoe: 11

Now available for castings. Contact Briian Dargon at

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Corduroy Blazer with Felt Applique Leaves and Contrast Stitching designed by Briian Dargon for Chirp by Bsixtee6.


CHIRP – Independent Hype (1st installment)

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Being in the Indie Apparel business helps us to meet many different individuals with a ton of great ideas and outstanding designs.  When we ran across Briian Dargon, the owner and designer for Chirp, we were more than excited at his displays and creations.  In a cozy and well maintained rehabbed storage container at the famous DeKalb Market, Briian displayed some amazing clothing and jewelry creations.  Originally from Richmond, VA, Briian was surrounded by design inspiration, in the form of the women in his family.  According to Briian, watching women remain stylish with little to no money was enough to push his own creativity.  He finds the 40’s and 50’s to be a pivotal period in style and fashion.  His appreciation of the patterns, materials and headwear allow him to pull from a nostalgic sense of creation.
 The company name “Chirp” has a more than distinct history.  Meaning, “Communicate” Chirp represents the voice of those who have been silenced.  Being raised in a less than communicative environment, Briian would watch the birds outside of his Virginia home and admire their ability to communicate with one another.  Through these observations, he soon found a voice in his creations. 
To communicate is an innate ability and fashion, follows the same vein.  Chirp designs, along with Briian’s other line, B Sixtee6, are inspired from surrounding things.  Native American and African print, cottons, felts and polyesters provide mediums that allow Chirp to soar and be recognized.  Chirp jewelry designs are inspired by childhood and the loss of innocence.  If Chirp were motivated by its own soundtrack, songs such as Against All Odds by Phil Collins, Are You Listening by Kirk Franklin, Beautiful by Tammi Haddon, Believe in Yourself – Wiz Soundtrack, Blackbird by The Beatles and Butterfly by Mariah Carey would definitely make the cut.
“Being the 1st me and not the next someone else,” is the statement of direction given by Briian.  This sentiment has landed him design credits such as Jessica Alba, Erykah Badu and Ishmael Butler.
 As a brand and umbrella of designs, the most important points of wearable, self-esteem building, and self-validating motivation are shown in every piece.  To witness the creations of Chirp are a pure joy and it is truly reason for it to be an Independent Hype.

 In order to preview and gain access to some of these masterful designs, please feel free to connect with Mr. Briian Dargon via the links listed below.

Facebook: Briian Dargon
Twitter: @Bsixtee6
Instagram: Bsixtee6