Saturday, November 28, 2015

SHOP SMALL SATURDAY: Actor/Designer Briian David Launches Etsy Site.

Actor/Designer Briian David whose design work has been featured in Japanese Vogue, The Source Magazine , Clik Magazine, Urban Lux Magazine, BRM Magazine and a host of other websites, publications, blogs, etc. has finally launched his site via just in time for the holidays. 

Briian will be offering other products at a later date but check out his hilarious tee shirts at

Briian is offering FREE SHIPPING on all purchases and all tee shirts are only $19.99 (Slightly more for XXL).

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

ETSY ALL THE WAY: Designer and Actor Briian David Re-Opens Etsy Shop

NY Based Actor/Clothing and Accessories Designer Briian David has re-opened his Etsy Store. After a five year hiatus, Briian decided to re-open the web based store just in time for the holidays.

The link for the store is

Briian says the shop will eventually feature his signature, one-of-a-kind, hand sewn items as well as printed tees and kitschy accessories made by him as well.

"As a consumer, I've always been more of a mom and pop type of shopper (no disrespect to the larger retailers). I like finding unique items that aren't necessarily mass produced or products that are produced in smaller quantities that speak to me. When deciding to re-open the shop after five years, I hope that our new visitors will appreciate our aesthetic and visit us often as the product will be constantly evolving but still maintaining the small shop feel".  

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Noted Clothing Designer/Actor/Photographer Beiian Dargon salutes the Armed Forces with a series of military inspired fashion photos. Briian says regardless of your beliefs regarding those who serve, often regular human beings make life altering sacrifices to serve and protect and he wanted to honor them.

In honor of the Men and Women who served and continue to serve America, Bsixtee6 salutes you.

Photography/Concept: Briian Dargon for Bsixtee6.
Models: (Top) Steven Montalvo
(Second ) Ryan Thompson
(Third) Camell Page
(Fourth) Kyle Raines

MOTIVATING MOMENT: Words of Wisdom from Meryl 11/10/15

It's not easy being an artist (Hell, it's not easy being ) so I often try to find ways to be inspired as I pursue my endeavors. I came across this today and it spoke to me.

Meryl Streep - "This was me on my way home from an audition for King Kong where I was told I was too "ugly" for the part. This was a pivotal moment for me. This one rogue opinion could derail my dreams of becoming an actress or force me to pull myself up by the boot straps and believe in myself. I took a deep breath and said "I'm sorry you think I'm too ugly for your film but you're just one opinion in a sea of thousands and I'm off to find a kinder tide." Today I have 18 Academy Awards. :)


Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Most readers of this post probably don't  know that before there was a piece of fabric sewn or a script read noted Clothing Designer and Actor Briian David was also a Singer/Songwriter in an R&B/POP Group by the name of "VOICEMALE" (Yes! That was really the name). Hell! You may have never even heard of Briian David but that's okay,
If he has his way, you will. 

The clothing designer for Bsixtee6, Chirp and Romance & Rebellion is going back to one of his first loves, music. 

The aforementioned Designer whose worked has been featured in Japanese Vogue, The Source Magazine, CLIK Magazine and BRM Magazine just to name a few and Actor who has appeared in such films as "The Raging Boom", "Afterparty Babies", "Sunshine Becomes You", "The Outsiders" and most recently "Human People" starring Michael Cera (Superbad) has decided that he has something else to say...musically.

Briian who coined the phrase "ARTISTPRENUER" says "For me, it is not about becoming the next big anything, I always want to be in a state of becoming. I want to indulge in the things that I'm passionate about and the things that continue to make me happy and hopefully make others happy as well".

Briian says he will begin working on the as yet untitled track sometime in 2016 and will write or co-write the single.