Monday, July 18, 2011


I arrived in Miami with two goals in mind.  One was to have a successful showing at the SOBE Mens Fashion Show, the other was to use one of the models to shoot some of the pieces. 

Who would've thought that i would get some great images from a model that was not a model. 

Enter John Pascley.  I met John at the walk-thru for the fashion show.  I immediately assumed he was one of the models and asked him.  He explained to me that he was not a model but would be interested in being in the show.  He had been hired to do security at the venue and so that didn't work out but i asked him if he would be interested in shooting some of the pieces the following day and he agreed.

The West Palm Beach Board of Education employee was a natural and seemed very comfortable in front of the camera, along with his great personality, i think we got some dope shots. What do you think?