Sunday, July 3, 2011

Photoshoot With AKIMBO and ABS of TEAM WINGATE Today

My fitness routine consists of watching the P90X dvd on television while drinking a bottle of water and breaking my Chips Ahoy in half. 
I've tricked myself into thinking that if i eat half of the cookie then i'm only eating half of the calories, that is until i eat the other half. 

One might assume that i would have some guilt about this after meeting Akimbo and Abs, two members of multi-member squad that call themselves TEAM WINGATE, i didn't and by the way, all of their names should be Abs.  Team Wingate are a group of Trainers and Novices alike who share the common goal of being in the best physical shape possible but without the use of weights. 

The parks of New York City are their gyms and membership is free.  This is a group of men who take their workouts very seriously and use the parallel bars, subway stations, light posts and whatever else they can get their hands on to do some truly amazing tricks by just using their body weight.

You can check out some of the insanity that is TEAM WINGATE right here ->

I'm contemplating incorporating some of the great pointers they gave me but first i have to finish off this bag of Chips Ahoy :)

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