Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nike Unveils Oregon’s Rose Bowl Unis

What's considered fashionable comes in many forms and football uniforms are no exception.

Came across this article online this morning and wanted to re-post.


You didn’t really think the Oregon Ducks would play in the Rose Bowl without new uniforms, did you?

The football program synonymous with new unis has unveiled another new look for the Jan. 2 showdown with Wisconsin, which Nike is dubbing, “the most advanced football uniform system ever assembled.”
The highlights of the uniform and helmet include:
• A shiny all-black lid that looks very Darth Vader-like from the front. The side features giant chrome duck feathers and the traditional block “O” has been moved from the side to the back of the helmet.
• A black “armored” wing design on the shoulders instead of the traditional wing look that supposedly adds strength to the shoulder area but just ended up looking like the duck wings just went through an oil spill.
• Snazzy yellow gloves that when put together, of course, form an “O.”
• Hunter green uniforms with a completely redone numbering system “boasting an iridescent sheen similar to that on a mallard’s feathers.” Um, right. Nike says that the numbers change colors when the players move, which will be interesting to see.
• Stealth looking black socks and black and gray cleats.
While there are certain aspects of the uniform and helmet we love (Darth Vader-style black glossy lid, bright yellow gloves, hunter green unis, Fab Five-like black socks and shoes), there are too many fashion faux pas (giant chrome feathers on the helmet and the oil-slick feathers on the shoulders – eek!) to give these a grade any better than a C+.
We also think it’s a serious step down from the look Oregon wore in last season’s national title game.
As for the giant wings on the back of the players in the last picture below, we think those are for display only – although with Nike, you never know.

Monday, December 26, 2011

66 BLAK BIRDS: Closing December 31st for Winter: Re-Open in APRIL

Hey Everyone,

Our boutique, 66 Blak Birds will be closing for the Winter beginning December 31st 2011.  We will Re-Open in April. In the meantime, i'm pratically giving away product.  There are great deals to be had Today, Tomorrow and Friday.  Come see what all the fuss is about. Fortunately and Unfortunately there is not a lot of product left so hurry :)

We also have an array of YAKBLAK Deadstock Vintage Eyewear that are 30-60 years old that are now in perfect condition thanks to my business partner, purveyor and curator Carlos and his partner Yacira (we're in a relationship and it's complicated :)!!!!

Thank you guys for your support over the years but especially with the boutique over the last 5 months.  it hasn't been a cake walk but i wouldn't change this experience for anything and i look forward to returning in April with some new product.



Friday, December 23, 2011


The 21year old Russian speaks three languages and is an avid fitness buff and sports fan.  This is his first foray into modeling and i'm interested in seeing his growth.

Monday, December 19, 2011


Well, Well, Well!!! It certainly has been an interesting year and as we come to a close on 2011, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past and make not resolutions but intentional and consistant changes for 2012.

With the opening of my container boutique in the Dekalb Market this past July, I fulfilled a dream and then a goal that i had for many years. It's been exhausting as well as exhilarating. I received an education that like education in general was met with some difficulty but also little victories that I began to learn how to celebrate.

I acquired new clients, made new friends, lost some old friends, I still mourn my very best FRIEND and I gained additional insight into who I am as a person thanks to my family and some people who don't even know they've helped me.

There are days when I want to dance the world away and there are days when i'm so excited to wake up and face what it has to offer.

As I move forward in the new year, professionally there are items on my checklist that I look to bring forth that will not only enrich my life but the lives of others, i'll remain vague about it until I have it more clearly defined.  After taking a break from producing fashion shows, I will be showing a new line in September.

Personally, there are relationships I want to repair and nurture and there are relationships that I need to dissolve.  If it doesn't happen in 2012, I will not torture myself with the shoulda, woulda, coulda's, I will just continue to move forward because these words are mine, the intention is mine, thoughts and situations change and i'm entitled to change my mind without notice and i'm learning to be okay with that.

The renewed foresight, energy, resolve and gumption that a new year brings is always fleeting and perhaps that's because althought the intention was there, the spirit was not or maybe it was something else.  I don't pretend to know any of this as a certainty, these are just my ramblings.   I have certainly been guilty of this but I, like most, am a walking, talking contradiction.

I am passionate about my work but I am not a fashionista per se because I also have other passions. I am often categorized as a designer or a photographer or a stylist or a singer/songwriter or an author but I consider myself all of those things.  It's not about being a jack of all trades and a master of none, it's about embracing every part that moves you. You don't tell yourself not to breathe. Creating equates to breathing for me.

I guess what i'm really saying is remove the pressures and the stresses of things that you cannot control away from your heart.  Rekindle a lost love, put energy into an old passion, find a new passion, walk in your own light because when you walk in the light of others they can easily flip the switch off. 

Know that it's okay to have moments of uncertainty but also know that you are strong enough to move forward even if the answer changes. Don't just write in a journal, write a book, don't just sing on the train or a corner, get in the studio, don't just bedazzle a jacket, bedazzle it and then sell it, let's not just get physically fit but work on our mental fitness as well.

We are greater than any once a year resolution, we are greater than any bad experience we may have or will suffer. You are your greatest vessel and only you can take you where you're supposed to go.

Happy Holidays everyone and thank you all so much for the love and support that you've shown me over the years and continue to show me.  I am constantly reminded that you all are my gifts because you're in my life. There would be no "B" without you.



Thursday, December 15, 2011


The Custom, Faux Snakeskin and Copper Accented Foamposites by Gourmet Kickz are my must haves for 2012. I absolutely LOOOOOVVVEEEEEEEEEE these.

Jeremy Scott for Adidas Camo and Denim Wing Hi-Tops , although not inexpensive, will definitely set you apart from the other sneaker afficianodos. He also just released a Leapord Print Sneaker with a tail.
I'm diggin' the New GOURMET Duck Boots.

Rapper Joe Budden and crew wearing Nike Foamposites.

Models Camell Page and Jose Ortiz speak about the "CASUAL LUXURY" Fashion Show and give Aspiring Models advice.

Louisiana Based Model Jose Ortiz and Philadelphia Based Model Camell Page lent their considerable talents to my "CASUAL LUXURY" Fashion Show and then spoke about some of their triumphs and trevails while on their rise in the world of modeling.

Check Out The Very First BSIXTEE6 Commercial from 2005

Directed by: Me
Shot and Edited by: Henry Cruz
Starring: Model/Actor and Madonna's Trainer - Josh Holland
Starring: Model - Erica Pooran

We shot this gorilla style with absolutely no ($0) budget.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

FlyNate Mentions BSIXTEE6 in interview with URBAN VAULT

Urban Vault caught up with U.S R&B singer, songwriter and producer Nathaniel to ask him some questions about his music, inspirations & collaborations...

Singer. Songwriter. Producer. Dancer. These are a few of the talents that encompass New York's next R&B superstar. Nathaniel, from Brooklyn, started singing in local churches and talent competitions. Under the training and encouragement of his mother, Nathaniel has won several awards including Urban Threshold's Underground Music Award for Best Male R&B Group of 2008 while performing with his brothers as the group Mr. Peterson. Striving to put Brooklyn back on the map, Nathaniel, as a solo artist writes, performs, and produces songs that are as much club hits as they are influential. Garnering a youth movement in every sense of the phrase, Nathaniel often lends his talents to events that promote the empowerment of young people while providing awareness to major issues that affect us all. Nathaniel has been featured in shows such as The Annual Week of People hosted by HUB Entertainment, Newark's campaign to stop the violence; Covenant House's first Annual "Youth Explosion" raising awareness of troubled youth and families; "Cover Up", an event by Silent Voices to increase AIDS awareness in which Nathaniel performed the memorable anthem 'Get Tested'; and, ME Divas' Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention music series. Nathaniel is sure to have not only a future in music; but a career marked by longevity.
What is your name?
Nathaniel alias "Flynate"
How old are you?
Where are you from?
Brooklyn, New York.. born and raised.
How long have you been making music?
Since a child.. I grew up singing in church.
How many songs / albums have you released to date?
Officially 2 songs - Spiderman and Fire on the Dance floor (both are on iTunes)
Can you tell us about your new collaboration with DJ Kay Slay, DJ Doo Wop, DJ Khaled & DJ Drama, the background and inspirations behind it?
Well the name of the record is "King of the Streets". Basically it's some of the biggest DJs all rapping. They're basically expressing how they feed the streets with music, and how they are the reason that the streets stay hot. There's a record I did with Papoose called "King Of the Hood" and DJ Kay Slay loved the record alot. So when the time came I recieved a random phone called one saturday night from Slay, and he asked if I was free that night. I was on my way to the club but I immediately canceled that to go straight to the studio. He told me he had a big record that he needed my voice on and it was this record, with him, Khaled and Drama all rapping. I knew that it was gonna be something big, but I had no clue that I was going to be apart of history.
How have you ended up in the music industry?
Well I spent alot of time reaching out to people and spreadin my sound through the industry. As more poeple begin to hear my sound it become easier to get on big records. Now the key is to get my sound out into the general public.
What do you think of the music industry in 2011?
I think the music industry today is in need of more organic artists. Music that's more outside of the box, instead of everyone trying to fit in. The most original artists seem to make it the furthest and there is a reason for that.
Who inspires you when you make your music?
Well I'm usually inspired by either something I'm going through or something that someone else is going through. The songs that I create are just my way of painting the picture of that emotion or story.
Who have you collaborated with so far in your Career?
So far I have collaborated with Wiz Khalifa, Jadakiss, Ludacris, Papoose, I20, DJ Khaled, DJ Kay Slay and a few more.
Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?
I would love to collaborate with some R&B artists as well like Musiq Soulchild, Mary J, India Arie etc. And rappers like Jay Z, Fabulous and Kanye.
what was the first album you brought?
The first was Musiq Souldchild 'I Just Wanna Sing'.
Whats your favorite song at the moment?
Right now it's Beyonce - Party feat J Cole.. that record is tough, and it feels real genuine.
If you had to sell your music collection tomorrow, what album would you leave in your draw?
Well honestly I don't own any cd's right now, and I'm not selling my own joints so, nothing.
What do you think of TV music talent show competitions?
They're cool for exposure but they have bad contracts and are more about TV than the talent sometimes.
What do you do when your not making music?
Well I'm in school for computer science and I'm trying to learn spanish.. on my own (laughs).
Whats your favorite Fashion brand?
Favorite.. B66
Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
Yeah, just my ears pierced. No tattoos because I'm too indecisive..
How many pairs of trainers do you own?
I have no clue what trainers are..
How many hats do you own?
A couple of fitteds.. nothing too crazy
Whats your favorite takeaway?
My favorite past time... is music.. that's what takeaway means right (laughs)
How many followers do you have on twitter?
I dont even know at this moment, it goes up and down!
In a few words sum up your thoughts about Urban Vault?
I think Urban Vault is a great look and it shows love to independent artist like myself.. much love!
Thank you for your time and may you carry on making dope, fresh music....


I've been feeling extra creative lately and have been working at a feverish pitch to put new product in the store. 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

"I LOVE MY HAIR" Photo I Shot Appearing on Website (2nd Photo), WHOO HOOO!!!!

Thanks to Kissa Thompson (Buttafly Unlimited), Khayriyyah Muhammad, Tiffany Costa and Izetta Henderson for trusting me with the vision.  How lucky am i to be surrounded by such beautiful and talented women on the regular.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


"I sing the body electric, i celebrate the me yet to come, i toast to my own reunion, when i become one with the sun.  And i'll look back at venus, i'll look back on mars and i'll burn with the fire of 10 million stars."

This phrase has been my mantra since 1980. That is when i first experienced "FAME" (the movie). That film made me believe that everything i had been in my head, i could now be in reality.

I told my mother that a spot was waiting for me at the School for the Performing Arts in New York and i needed to begin preparations for my audition.  I was going to be a Dancer, Singer, Actor and all around performer, i knew this just as sure as i was breathing, my mother looked at me like i was crazy.

Undeterred, i began praticing my Arabesque, Tap, Modern, Mime, Dialect, Phrasing, etc.  Everyday was countdown day. I kept telling myself "They're just waiting for me, They're just waiting for me". 

Alas, it was not meant to be (or so i thought).  Although i was instead sent to a military school, i never lost my creative fire or my love of dance and on Monday,December 5th 2011 at the Cielo Nightclub located on Little West 12th Street in the Meatpacking District, i Plie'd and Dosey Doed vicariously through seven, beautiful dancers, Brandon Contreras, Sharona D'Omelias, Rosie Lani Fieldelman, Jennifer Locke, Antuan "Magic" Raimone, Gabrielle Ruiz and Torya Beard by contributing the costumes for the piece. 

"Sigh No More" indeed.

Choreographed by the enigmatic and stunning Stephanie Klemons along with her Assistant Ashley Crimmins, the piece told the story of Loss, Denial, Redemption and Joy and was so beautifully executed that i wished it were longer. I owe a huge debt to Stephanie for embracing me and trusting me with her vision as well as allowing me to somewhat exorcise the dancer in that little boy that existed not to long ago.
I met Jennifer Jancuska, the Broadway Choreographer/Performer and the Producer of BC Beat  in my store a couple of months ago and she's the one who introduced Stephanie and I. She and her crew, Bryan Cortes, Shawn Fisher, Katie Hagen, Rickey Tripp, CJ Tyson, Kyle Vaughn and Jessica Walker performed a piece called "Are We At The Movies".  The high energy concept for her story centered around speed dating and was absolutely flirtaciously fantastic.

There were several additional pieces of the night by Choreographers Grasan Kingsberry, Daniel Watts, Steven Hoggett, Nick Kepley, Ellenore Scott and Cherice Barton that were just as extraordinary.  After last night i can finally put energy into new dreams but i'll never put away my dancing shoes.