Thursday, August 30, 2012

WORD ON THE STREET:Dekalb Market won’t reopen in 2012

Dekalb Market won’t reopen in 2012

The Brooklyn Paper
The organizers of Dekalb Market will not reopen their shipping container bazaar this year after it shuts down on Sept. 30 — reversing a promise to debut in a new location for the lucrative holiday season.
Frustrated small business owners say they’re stuck without a place to peddle their wares this fall and winter because Urban Space, the firm that runs the new-age souk, broke their leases to make room for development on the Downtown lot, then failed to find a new site for the market.
“All I’ve learned is that Urban Space doesn’t follow through on their word,” said Andriana Spence, the owner of the hip baby shop Hank & Jojo, who claims retailers make 50 to 60 percent of their gross sales during the holidays. “Holiday applications for other locations were due in July, so … for Urban Space to wait until this week to tell people they’re not moving is denying these vendors the chance to make up that money.”
Jennifer Filocomo
Urban Space previously promised to “move and reopen in the space of a few weeks” when it announced that it would vacate the current market in early October to make way for the long-planned City Point development, which is slated to include a Century 21 and potentially Brooklyn’s tallest building.
But relocating the market in 2012 proved impossible for Urban Space, which is still seeking a better bazaar site.
“Look, we are a 60-container market and there are not that many available spaces that are the right fit in terms of size, location, and long-term status,” said spokesman Adam Zucker. “Long story short is we need to find the right new location.”
The lack of a winter market is only the latest grievance from vendors frustrated by what they say was a landlordship marked by inconsistency, and, some allege, inconsideration.
Email chains between vendors obtained by this newspaper reveal shop owners ticked off by what they describe as poor organization and mismanagement on the part of their landlord.
Many complained about DeKalb Market’s weekend parties, which drew crowds but barred shoppers who didn’t want to pay an expensive cover charge — an annoyance that vendors claim deprived them of business at peak times.
Others complained about spotty electricity service early on in the season.
“Their PR is all this talk about how the market is an incubator for small business and how their goal is to support and grow start-ups but when it came down to it, when we were voicing concerns and saying our businesses were in trouble, they did not seem to care,” said Spence, who claims she gained good contacts through the venture but came out in the red due to problems including ticketed weekend parties and electrical woes.
Other vendors, such as Maxcine DeGouttes of the yarn shop Stitch Therapy, said she wouldn’t have signed a lease in April in the first place if she knew the market would close up shop so soon.
Many vendors said they have soured on the idea of working with the company again, despite its role organizing high-profile Manhattan markets in Union Square, the Meatpacking District, and Madison Square Park.
“The whole situation was based on deceit; they made a lot of promises they didn’t keep,” said Briian Dargon, who ran his clothing company, Bsixtee6, out of the market from its first day last July until last week. “We thought that we had a permanent place at least through the holidays and that we would be able to recoup our money. I don’t think anyone was prepared to move before the holidays were done.”
Reach reporter Eli Rosenberg at or by calling (718) 260-2531. And follow him at

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


There are very few singers let alone female artists around who leave such an indelible impression on me as Tamia. 

I've been a fan since 1994's "You Put A Move On My Heart" off of Q's Jook Joint with Quincy Jones.  This is the first new album in 6 years for the underrated Canadian-American songstress who could sing bible verses and make me drop to my knees.

Tamia has one of the purest voices I have ever heard and if the album gods have anything to say about it, this new project should cement her place in the pantheons of music royalty.

I don't know the names of the producers or writers on this project but Tamia delivers the lyrics as if she were having a comfortable conversation with an old friend.

It's rare that I love a whole album (especially nowadays) but from beginning to end Tamia delivers each song with such beauty and understanding that if I were mute I would just play this album and let it speak for me.

Beautiful, Yes! Surprise, Not so much! This album is a must-have.

now available on itunes, and other music outlets 


As the Labor Day holiday fasts approaches, this is the last time for most of us to make that last splash at the pool or beach.

Texas Model and Caterer to the Dallas elite, Marcus Crawford has taken full advantage by creating his own heat in and out of the kitchen by wearing swimwear designed by Briian Dargon for Bsixtee6.

Marcus has been a supporter of the brand for a number of years and says he loves the pieces because they allow him stand out from the rest of the crowd and assert his individualism.

Thank you Marcus.

Monday, August 27, 2012


Actor Robbie Morgan was snapped wearing the "EVEN I CAN'T TURN A HOE INTO A HOUSEWIFE" Tee by BSIXTEE6. 

The "Evil,I" actor has been a supporter of the brand for a long time and I really appreciate it.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Briian Dargon of BSIXTEE6 has created what is sure to be one of the hottest accessories on the street.

The made to order wood bead and mirrored plastic acrylic blue bird is a conversation starter for sure.

Now available on etsy for $30.00. - to purchase

Friday, August 24, 2012


Painter Keshida Layone was photographed wearing a leather bow tie designed by Briian Dargon for Chirp by BSIXTEE6. 

Here he is Celebrating with Stylist Joel Long and Mark Owen at the red carpet event of GentleMan Swank.

Thanks so much Keshida, you look awesome.


As the inevitable Summer season comes to a close and the Fall season (My favorite time of year) approaches, I ask myself do I look like Kris and Michael (To  my left)? The answer is a resounding HELL NAW!!!! but it doesn't mean I won't make one last splash at the nearest hyperdermic needle and broken glass strewn beach.

I made a promise to myself that I would take off my 2-ply jeans and show a little skin before the summer ended. Global warming has made it possible for me to go into September or maybe even October with my two and a half pack and the custom swim trunks I designed for myself.

I vowed that I would put this whole apple pie down (at some point) and sashay into the crystal clear brown water and frolic as if I were a pisces.

I am however just as excited about removing the coat of human waste from my body and settling down to creating some cool (or at least I think so) pieces for the new season. I hope that I am not jacked for my ideas by a "Friend" that can "Tweak",manufacture and distribute my creations but I guess that is as inevitable as summers end.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Black cotton 5-panel cap with adjustable leather strap and Black Felt Swallow with Orange contrast stitching now available on etsy.

Monday, August 20, 2012


Jessica Alba, Cash Warren, Melanie Fiona, Erykah Badu, Blahzay, Ishmael Butler and many more celebrities, stylists, editors and bon vivants have flown into 66 Blak Birds since it opened it's coop in July of 2011. 
The quaint little shipping container boutique with it's omni present deer head, vintage sunnies and specs and it's one of a kind, customized clothing shuttered for good on a cloudy August 19th 2012. 
The store located in the Dekalb Market in Downtown Brooklyn, NY was celebrated by locals, tourists and merchants alike. The charismatic and always dapper co-owners and friends (who were often mistaken for brothers),Briian Dargon (The 66 in 66 Blak Birds) and Carlos Ameen Cully (The.... Do I really need to spell it out? Okay! The Blak in YakBlak) created an atmosphere in their 8x20 that prided itself on the lost art of customer service as well as an inviting and authentic smile.
Surely you are now making these observations and asking yourself these questions.Customer service is a lost art!, Who doesn't like a warm smile? Why are they closing? 
Well kiddies, if it were left up to these two gentlemen, 66 Blak Birds would be around for another twenty years but unfortunately it is not.
"BIG BUSINESS" has shot them out of the sky. After re-signing a lease agreement that would have at least  allowed them to roost in the location until the end of the year, they were informed in early June that they would have to vacate to make way for a new and much larger hen house (ie: Century 21, high rise, etc.). 
"I'm sure this has nothing to do with the revitalization of Fulton Street and the Barclay Center" Briian says sarcastically. Even though small business is as vital if not more so to any community says the southern raised designer and photographer. The developers, Urban Space and Young Woo and it's associated associates and what not's have bigger fowl to fry.
"I could wax poetic about the shady dealings of the aforementioned but have decided to lay my eggs elsewhere" Briian also states sarcastically. I will say this, sex, drugs and artists you've never heard of and probably never will hear of may have won this war but history has proven that if you do not learn from your mistakes, you are deemed to repeat them. War is a spiteful, malicious, lying, ugly and greedy bitch.  There is always another one waiting to be fought and I am more prepared now than I was before.
I won't lie and say I am not saddened or that I won't even shed a tear but my Grandmother use to say "This too shall pass". 
We are so thankful for our friends and now extended family, old and new who made this experience so enjoyable and as my friend Clive says ONWARD! UPWARD!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

STREET CRED: Army Men Earrings

This is Jessie. Jessie purchased these army men earrings (Yeah! I know you can only see one but trust me, it's a pair) from the 66 Blak Birds boutique in the Dekalb Market located in Downtown Brooklyn. There are also Cowboys and Indians ( I was going to say Cowboys and Native Americans but it doesn't have the same punch). Thanks So much for your support (Tres Cute!!!).

Friday, August 17, 2012

BABY CRED: Assorted Hand Sewn Baby Onesies at 66 Blak Birds

Assorted, Hand sewn baby onesies (12-18 months only) are now at 66 Blak Birds located at the Dekalb Market 138 Willoughby Street, Brooklyn,NY 11201. These one of a kind onesies are a perfect beginning for any baby on their road to becoming a fashionista or fashionisto. They can assert their style sense early for only $20.00.

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Made to order, hand-sewn, hand-appliqued "Rooster" Trucker Caps now available in my etsy shop for just $30.00.

Colors: Royal, Red, Baby Blue, Brown, Black, Forest Green, Grey and Yellow

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fashion label owned by Tory Burch's ex-husband is sued after 'copying' Etsy artist's designs

Fashion label owned by Tory Burch's ex-husband is sued after 'copying' Etsy artist's designs

C. Wonder, the concept store of Chris Burch who is the former husband of designer Tory Burch, is being sued for plagiarising designs.
Bulgarian artist Zlatka Pirin Paneva has filed a lawsuit against the company with the California Central District Court that states it breached her intellectual property copyright.
In what seems to be a rather obvious copycat job, C. Wonder has mimicked two of the Los Angeles-based artist's original illustrations; an image of an elephant tied to a cluster of red balloons and one of a hand alongside a red heart.
Mimic: An artist is suing C. Wonder after her designs were seemingly plagiarised by Chris Burch's concept store. Mr Burch is the ex-husband of Tory Burch, who has claimed he copied her own designs in the past
Mimic: An artist is suing C. Wonder after her designs were seemingly plagiarised by Chris Burch's concept store. Mr Burch is the ex-husband of Tory Burch, who has claimed he copied her own designs in the past
Mimic: An artist is suing C. Wonder after her designs were seemingly plagiarised by Chris Burch's concept store. Mr Burch is the ex-husband of Tory Burch, who has claimed he copied her own designs in the past
Interestingly, it is not the first time Mr Burch has been at the centre of copycat claims.
His ex-wife, 46, claimed in February that he had clearly copied many features of her own business' design aesthetic, including the logo.
Now it looks as though Ms Paneva, who runs a small business on the e-commerce site Etsy, titled Z Paneva Studios, has become the company's next target.
Originally spotted by, a plastic serving tray from C. Wonder appears to feature the same elephant image twice. To add further insult, the original dictionary text that served as a background has also been mimicked.
At it again: Another image by the artist (left) appears to have been mirrored on a C. Wonder plate (right)
At it again: Another image by the artist (left) appears to have been mirrored on a C. Wonder plate (right)
At it again: Another image by the artist (left) appears to have been mirrored on a C. Wonder plate (right)
Artistic space: The artist's Etsy business, titled RococcoCo, sells many similar works, as seen above
Artistic space: The artist's Etsy business, titled RococcoCo, sells many similar works, as seen above
Another C. Wonder product, a small plastic plate, features an image of a right hand that is pinching a red heart between its fingers.
Happier times: Designer Tory Burch (left) and her ex-husband Chris (right), the founder of C. Wonder, split in 2006
Happier times: Designer Tory Burch (left) and her ex-husband Chris (right), the founder of C. Wonder, split in 2006 and have three sons together
It appears to be the identical mirror image of another of the artist's designs and again, the dictionary text appears to have also been remodeled.
Ms Paneva has claimed that she was never approached by anybody associated with the retailer, prior to the products going on sale.
The items have since been taken down from the company's website.
Each of the products in question sell for around $10.
C. Wonder, which is located in various locations across New York with even more retail spots across the country set to open soon, stocks a range of homewares and women's clothing.
Mr Burch, a venture capitalist, opened the flagship C. Wonder store in Soho in October, 2011 and has since broaden the brand out to five other locations.
When the businessman, who was the co-founder of Tory Burch's fashion empire, launched, a friend of Tory's told New York magazine: 'Tory knows it [the similarities], and everyone knows it. There's the snap bracelets. The wallets. The buttons...'
The pair parted ways in 2006 and have three sons together.
When Tory decided to launch her own line in 2004, her ex-husband developed a more affordable offshoot of the collection as a safety net.
It was never manufactured due to the success of the Tory Burch label but those close to the immaculate blonde designer see C. Wonder as an obvious second attempt to compete with her brand.

Read more:


I found (and when I say found,I mean purchased) this cool limited edition ear cuff at the TOPSHOP store in Soho for only $12.00. It's fashionable now but I figure when I'm older it could also serve a dual purpose.


These Adjustable, Leather Band Bracelets with Silver Metal Letters and Faux Diamond are the next wave of fashion forward bracelets for you. Personalize them with your name, your child's name, a pet or anything else you want (up to 9 letters) for  just $30.00 (Shipping not included).

IN THE FACE OF ADVERSITY, LITTLE GIRL OFFERS MAKE UP TIPS:12-Year-Old’s Heart-Breaking, Life-Affirming Videos

An incredible girl is teaching hundreds of thousands of Internet followers what courage means. Talia Joy Castellano, who turns 13 on August 18, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, an aggressive form of cancer that forms in the nerve cells, in 2007. Numerous rounds ofchemotherapy left her bald, and about a year and a half ago, she started a video blog channel featuring makeup tutorials and has uploaded over 150 videos. "I love makeup," she says, "using it as my wig"-- which she isn't a fan of. Her mom, Desiree, beams that her daughter "has made bald beautiful."
Castellano appears to be a normal, slightly hyper 'tween excited about her latest "fashion haul" and achieving the perfect "smoky eye" but she's also an exceptionally poised individual who speaks with candor and soulful intelligence about her disease. On Tuesday, through a blog entitled "idk what to say" she delivered the heartbreaking news that she's also just been diagnosed with preleukemia, a bone marrow cancer, which may not be curable.
"I'm only 13, I shouldn't have to be doing this," she says. "No one should have to be doing this." Facing a choice that would leave most adults shattered, she calmly explains, "I'm going to decide whether or not I want to do the bone marrow transplant, or whether or not I just don't do it and live the time I have remaining." In addition to chemo, Castellano has already endured numerous surgeries, radiation, and a stem cell transplant. Recovering from a bone marrow transplant is an excruciating process. If it doesn't work, the bombardment of medical procedures can leave your immune system destroyed. However, forgoing treatment would mean she has only a few months to a year to live.
Castellano shares her news with grace and wisdom. There are no tears (from her at least, for the viewer it's another story). "Having cancer has been a gift--but a horrible, horrible' terrifying thing," she says. "But I've gotten so many benefits from it" -- from using makeup to boost her self-confidence so she "could go out to the grocery store without a wig" to inspiring fans of her videos.
She gently explains that while she's going to keep making videos, she's leaning toward living out the rest of her life without treatment. "The journey of having cancer was amazing. But, every journey has an end."

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Received This Great Note From A Dear Friend Today That Made Me Smile

Hello New York

how are you, dear Briian?
i just saw an interview with Ice Cube and he was talking about the legendary Greene Street Recording Studio and this reminded me of the spy bar and this reminded me of you
i did not even know that this studio has brought out some of my favorite artists and i was working so close to it.
i was so naive, when i was in amazing new york, didnt know a thing.

i see your business is growing and i am always very happy to read and see new posts about your brilliant work, i am old now, i recognize a genius in style, when i see one, you truly are.
one day imma come back to new york and buy a lot of stuff from you. until then i am sending out all the good energy my heart can provide to you, i wish you strength and courage and i hope you are in a circle of warm and loving people and that you believe in yourself as much as i do.

love, Nedia

Chat Conversation End

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Zion Ivory Coast Rocker wearing vest by Bsixtee6.


My girl Meridith sent me this message via text. Someone had purchased a tee shirt from me based on her blog post. Thanks Meridith!!!!

See the prettyprettywings blog on tumblr.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Friday, August 3, 2012


Devin has been a supporter of mine for a minute. Here he's wearing the "WE ARE ALL STARS" Tee I designed. Thanks Devin for your continued support.

STREET CRED: Savannah's Finest: Adetinmi

This fly young lady from Savannah visiting New York to attend a wedding stopped in and purchased the "inspire" necklace from me. Thank you so much.


This Weeks Spotlight: bsixtee6
I’m wearing his most recent design, a red snap back with leopard brim.
My close friend Briian is a super talented clothing and accessory designer.  Check out his work, it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before.  Creative and unique, it’s pure dopeness.  Everything from snapbacks, to watches, to women’s clutches, to tees, button ups and sweatshirts.  If you are ever looking for something NO ONE ELSE HAS…this is a place you definitely want to check out.  All one of a kind pieces, all hand made.  Amazing.
For more info, please email.
My friend Meridith gave me a "pretty" cool shout out on her prettyprettywings blog on tumblr. Thank you so much.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Rebecca of Honeysuckle & Hearts Vintage always does it way big. Visit her at Honeysuckle & Hearts Vintage located in the Dekalb Market 138 Willoughby Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201 for some of the hottest pieces this side of the millennia.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Los Angeles based Designer/Artist/ Stylist Andy Drew Andy Drew 2 is fashion.  He lives, breathes, drinks and sleeps fashion around the clock, 365 days a year, year after year.  When he’s not busy designing his own unique garments, he’s either creating art pieces featuring subjects dressed in his signature couture designs, or perusing through shops in downtown LA or Hollywood looking for new fabrics and materials, or reading fashion magazines, or surfing the web for all things fashion-related, and/or watching television programs and movies about fashion.  

As a young child, Andy became fascinated with fashion and art. Andy’s grandmother, the loving and talented Ms. Evera Drew, taught him how to sew, make patterns and drape fabric.  At the age of nine, Andy began sewing clothes for his sister’s dolls on his grandmother’s sewing machine.  With Evera’s technical guidance and lessons in faith, Andy developed his skills as a designer along with a high taste level and strong work ethic.  After graduating high school, Andy moved to San Francisco where he studied fashion and art design while working as an assistant buyer for a major retail establishment.  Drawing upon his training in fashion and design, Andy began designing women’s ready to wear fashions, handbags, hats and jewelry.

Anyone who knows Andy Drew 2 knows that he is a man intense and passionate about being a fashion designer.  Andy has synthesized his unique style into a seamless web of fashion, art, accessories, and jewelry.  His work escapes category and is a menagerie of traditions, colors, patterns and textures.  Andy works intuitively from a global aesthetic that integrates high fashion and couture.  His goal is to connect with people on all levels through visual aesthetics.  Andy brings to bear his signature style on his artistic endeavors as well.  He sculpts, paints and creates art pieces brimming with the same signature style that makes his garments so special.  No matter what the subject, Andy’s creativity and passion are evident—even his sculpted birds are fashionable. 

Andy Drew 2 has completed several lines of women’s ready to wear fashions, and is credited as the featured designer in many fashion shows including: Catwalk 2004 (annual fashion showcase at the Celebrity Center in Hollywood), Fashion On The Square 2007 (Union Square, San Francisco--the largest outdoor fashion show on the west coast), and most recently, The 2008 First Ladies High Tea sponsored by the LA Focus Newspaper.  With each fashion show, the buzz surrounding Andy Drew 2 continues to get louder.  Currently, Andy designs for private clients, and his hand-crafted work is featured on his website.  Andy has worked with internationally known and celebrated photographer Ash Gupta, and was also the fashion designer and a creative consultant for the WNWN photo shoot with Meagan Good.  Additionally, Andy has designed a handbag for Janet Jackson and completed a denim-inspired art project for Gap. Through his work, Andy’s connectivity to fashion is impossible to ignore.