Friday, July 8, 2011

Dekalb Market: UPDATE 6: PROGRESS

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, We Are Making Progress!!!!!

This morning started just like every other morning has since we began this project. I'm dehydrated, sleep deprived and angry for no reason but once i arrived at the site, i felt relieved.

On the agenda today, re-sand, vacuum and wipe down the floors. Carlos and Juwariya painted yesterday and it looks amazing (Great job guys!!!!).

As Carlos took off his shoes and strapped on his knee guards, i plugged in the vacuum (this manual labor stuff is for the birds).  The plan was for me to vacuum behind him as he sanded and then we would both wipe down tthe floors to get it ready for the second coat of polyurethane.

Today is a short day for us but next week, Carlos and I will meet up to go and purchase the lighting and begin to build the cash wrap area. We only have 2 more weeks before the grand opening (biting nails).

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