Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Person Of The Day:Promoter Extraordinaire: MILES

I recently met DREAM Creations Founder and Party Promoter MILES in Miami Beach, Florida where he was commandeering several parties throughout the weekend. 

MILES, who comes off as the stereotypical strong, silent type is anything but when it comes to his present and future goals.  The man knows what he wants and  how to get it.  He doesn't give shortcuts and doesn't take any either.

What began as an 8th Grader's 3-hour a day, 4 day a week commitment to promoting an upcoming school dance, has turned into a trajectory like career choice.

MILES started building a name for himself on the party circuit when he began DJing in Junior High School.  He eventually graduated to the college circuit and developed one of Memphis' first Spring Break parties.  That party brought in 962 people.  When I asked him how he remembered the exact number, he said "You never forget your lowest or highest numbers".

Here are a few more things MILES had to say:

Q: What were some of the lessons you learned in the early stages of your career?
A: I learned that it's easy to make money when you love what you do.  Find something you're good at and money will come.

Q: Do you have employees?
A: I don't believe in employees, I believe in investors.  Investors will do what they have to do to get a return on their investment.  An employee will do what they're told just to get a check.

Q: What's happening in the near future?
A: We're about to do the "ALL BLACK EVERYTHING" Black Party on October 28th here in Miami and then another huge event in November.

Q: What's the bigger picture for you?
A: Promoting concerts, selling out arenas.

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