Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Message From Fashion Guru / Personality DERRICK SABATER

Between Derrick Sabater and You
Briian Dargon July 26 at 2:32pm
Heard you came to the store, sorry I missed ya man. What did you think?
Derrick Sabater July 26 at 8:29pm Report
I hate i missed you as well, but let me be the one of many who've already told you this, you have a beautiful talent and a wonderful craft.
I loved the pieces, and your partner was so fun....his swagga and line only compliments CHIRP and i can't wait to go H.A.M. when i go back.
I told him i had a meeting in the village and didn't want to be late. i love the unit, the pillows, BOW TIES ESPECIALLY and the t-shirts (especially that gray shirt with the textured feathers and the bird).
I think that is the element that i really love about your work is the texture. in addition to the funkiness and bold colors, i love that the items are not just everyday pieces you see, but something unique and authentic.

May God abundantly bless you Briian. Stay encouraged and know that through the tribulations and challenges, God has the ultimate stay at the end for his children and will bless you beyond anything you can comprehend. keep up the great work!

p.s. i can't wait to go H.A.M in your store? i think i already said that. we must talk about some certain pieces and how i can get them in my wardrode. can you say WINNING!

Eventfully Yours,

Derrick Sabater
NICE HUH???????

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