Monday, July 18, 2011


The Pinnacle Of Fashion Forward Accommodations

Find cool, quiet respite from the South Florida sun at Dream South Beach.  Even in a town celebrated for its playful, decadent atmosphere, the new accommodations stands apart. Creative architectural elements, crafted by internationally renowned designer Michael Czysz, blend the familiar with the unexpected, mingling the glamour with surreal fantasy and luxury. Delight your senses in exquisitely appointed rooms and suites. Worthy of a place called Dream, each of their accommodations provides a warm, otherworldly embrace in the heart of South Beach.

The Hotel, originally designed in 1939 was abandoned in the 80's and left to die until a group of forward thinking business people decided to resuscitate the structure instead of building from the ground up.  What was once a shell, has become one of the most beautiful boutique hotels in the world.

My experience can only be described as a DREAM.  I've been to a few hotels but i have never experienced the kind of genuinely friendly and knowledgeable staff (Thanks Raul, Thomas and the rest of the gang) that the DREAM South Beach Hotel offers.

When i arrived, the hotel had only been opened three days and would be celebrating it's grand opening with a huge event on Saturday featuring Maxwell.

I'm bummed because i missed the reception for Designer Norma Kamali yesterday because i booked a flight for a 6:00am departure instead of an evening flight.  Arrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggg!!!!!!
The accomodations were incredible (Thanks Ian of MBB) and the bed was so comfortable, i wanted to ship one home.  Being across the street from the beach only added to the ambieance.

South Beach is a city that never sleeps and the Ocean Drive strip, with it's beautiful people, wall to wall restaurants and nightclubs, was all the way live.

I had never been to Miami Beach before but i will definitely be back.

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