Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nike Unveils Oregon’s Rose Bowl Unis

What's considered fashionable comes in many forms and football uniforms are no exception.

Came across this article online this morning and wanted to re-post.


You didn’t really think the Oregon Ducks would play in the Rose Bowl without new uniforms, did you?

The football program synonymous with new unis has unveiled another new look for the Jan. 2 showdown with Wisconsin, which Nike is dubbing, “the most advanced football uniform system ever assembled.”
The highlights of the uniform and helmet include:
• A shiny all-black lid that looks very Darth Vader-like from the front. The side features giant chrome duck feathers and the traditional block “O” has been moved from the side to the back of the helmet.
• A black “armored” wing design on the shoulders instead of the traditional wing look that supposedly adds strength to the shoulder area but just ended up looking like the duck wings just went through an oil spill.
• Snazzy yellow gloves that when put together, of course, form an “O.”
• Hunter green uniforms with a completely redone numbering system “boasting an iridescent sheen similar to that on a mallard’s feathers.” Um, right. Nike says that the numbers change colors when the players move, which will be interesting to see.
• Stealth looking black socks and black and gray cleats.
While there are certain aspects of the uniform and helmet we love (Darth Vader-style black glossy lid, bright yellow gloves, hunter green unis, Fab Five-like black socks and shoes), there are too many fashion faux pas (giant chrome feathers on the helmet and the oil-slick feathers on the shoulders – eek!) to give these a grade any better than a C+.
We also think it’s a serious step down from the look Oregon wore in last season’s national title game.
As for the giant wings on the back of the players in the last picture below, we think those are for display only – although with Nike, you never know.

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