Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Success: The Inaugural Artisan Cafe Event in Richmond, Virginia Takes Off Like A Rocket!!!

Co-Creator of Artisan Cafe - Melody J Short and Guest

Saturday, December 3rd 2011 was the inaugural Artisan Cafe Event held at the Plant Zero Art Space in Richmond, VA. 
Created by Melody J. Short and Adrienne Cole, the event served a dual purpose. 

One, I believe was to serve as an entreprenurial beacon of light if you will for skilled artisans by producing an event that allowed us to showcase our talents.  The other, to bring a much needed, respite from the daily ills of the world (if only for four hours) by providing an atmosphere of togetherness, music, food (and a little bit of wine,lol).

All were welcomed, from the Bohemian Chic to the Conservative and they came ready.  Armed with their shopping bags, the patrons perused each of our tables with a steely-eyed focus. The merchants brought their A-Game and the patrons were happy and a little surprised by what they saw.  If we still used cash registers, they would have been chi-chinging all night.

Living in New York, I missed the sweetness of the "Ol' Southern Belles" but after last night, i think i'll be good until my next visit.  I lost count of how many times my cheeks (face) were squeezed by women with names like Sadie and Mae.

The event provided an opportunity for my family to see what i actually do up here in New York and i think they were beyond proud.  Thanks Auntie, Aaron, Raymond and Huy for supporting me last night, love you guys.

The event which will be produced quarterly was such a success. I'm looking forward to seeing it's growth.

A special shoutout to Melody and Adrienne.  BLACK GIRLS DO INDEED ROCK!!!!


  1. thanks for this awesome write-up! we were THRILLED to have you as a feature for the inaugural Cafe. we've got or eyes on you...keep up the great work! *adrienne

  2. Briian!!! You hold a soft spot in my heart, and I am soo happy you saw our vision and committed to being a part of the inaugural cafe. We appreciate you, we adore you and will be in touch soon!