Monday, December 26, 2011

66 BLAK BIRDS: Closing December 31st for Winter: Re-Open in APRIL

Hey Everyone,

Our boutique, 66 Blak Birds will be closing for the Winter beginning December 31st 2011.  We will Re-Open in April. In the meantime, i'm pratically giving away product.  There are great deals to be had Today, Tomorrow and Friday.  Come see what all the fuss is about. Fortunately and Unfortunately there is not a lot of product left so hurry :)

We also have an array of YAKBLAK Deadstock Vintage Eyewear that are 30-60 years old that are now in perfect condition thanks to my business partner, purveyor and curator Carlos and his partner Yacira (we're in a relationship and it's complicated :)!!!!

Thank you guys for your support over the years but especially with the boutique over the last 5 months.  it hasn't been a cake walk but i wouldn't change this experience for anything and i look forward to returning in April with some new product.



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