Sunday, May 11, 2014


WOWZAHHHHHH!!!! In checking my inbox today, I came across a message that stated "I was inspired by your photo, I hope you don't mind" Ummmmmm, Who would mind being immortalized in a painting especially one as fantastic as this? I was actually beyond shocked and humbled that I was inspiring to anyone.

The original photo was taken in 2007 when I dressed "The Kings Of Comedy" for a One Night Only performance on Broadway in New York.

I remember getting the call and my heart began racing and my palms were so sweaty. After the show, they called me out on stage and I thought I would pass out. When I received the photo I thought it perfectly captured my dorkiness.

Mr. Edwards was able to take that dorkiness and turn it into something that I will always treasure. I keep staring at it like WOWWWW!!!! I absolutely love it. Thank you,Thank you, Thank you.

My name is Briian Dargon and I've been IMMORTALIZED!!!!

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