Friday, August 24, 2012


As the inevitable Summer season comes to a close and the Fall season (My favorite time of year) approaches, I ask myself do I look like Kris and Michael (To  my left)? The answer is a resounding HELL NAW!!!! but it doesn't mean I won't make one last splash at the nearest hyperdermic needle and broken glass strewn beach.

I made a promise to myself that I would take off my 2-ply jeans and show a little skin before the summer ended. Global warming has made it possible for me to go into September or maybe even October with my two and a half pack and the custom swim trunks I designed for myself.

I vowed that I would put this whole apple pie down (at some point) and sashay into the crystal clear brown water and frolic as if I were a pisces.

I am however just as excited about removing the coat of human waste from my body and settling down to creating some cool (or at least I think so) pieces for the new season. I hope that I am not jacked for my ideas by a "Friend" that can "Tweak",manufacture and distribute my creations but I guess that is as inevitable as summers end.

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