Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Received This Great Note From A Dear Friend Today That Made Me Smile

Hello New York

how are you, dear Briian?
i just saw an interview with Ice Cube and he was talking about the legendary Greene Street Recording Studio and this reminded me of the spy bar and this reminded me of you
i did not even know that this studio has brought out some of my favorite artists and i was working so close to it.
i was so naive, when i was in amazing new york, didnt know a thing.

i see your business is growing and i am always very happy to read and see new posts about your brilliant work, i am old now, i recognize a genius in style, when i see one, you truly are.
one day imma come back to new york and buy a lot of stuff from you. until then i am sending out all the good energy my heart can provide to you, i wish you strength and courage and i hope you are in a circle of warm and loving people and that you believe in yourself as much as i do.

love, Nedia

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