Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Los Angeles based Designer/Artist/ Stylist Andy Drew Andy Drew 2 is fashion.  He lives, breathes, drinks and sleeps fashion around the clock, 365 days a year, year after year.  When he’s not busy designing his own unique garments, he’s either creating art pieces featuring subjects dressed in his signature couture designs, or perusing through shops in downtown LA or Hollywood looking for new fabrics and materials, or reading fashion magazines, or surfing the web for all things fashion-related, and/or watching television programs and movies about fashion.  

As a young child, Andy became fascinated with fashion and art. Andy’s grandmother, the loving and talented Ms. Evera Drew, taught him how to sew, make patterns and drape fabric.  At the age of nine, Andy began sewing clothes for his sister’s dolls on his grandmother’s sewing machine.  With Evera’s technical guidance and lessons in faith, Andy developed his skills as a designer along with a high taste level and strong work ethic.  After graduating high school, Andy moved to San Francisco where he studied fashion and art design while working as an assistant buyer for a major retail establishment.  Drawing upon his training in fashion and design, Andy began designing women’s ready to wear fashions, handbags, hats and jewelry.

Anyone who knows Andy Drew 2 knows that he is a man intense and passionate about being a fashion designer.  Andy has synthesized his unique style into a seamless web of fashion, art, accessories, and jewelry.  His work escapes category and is a menagerie of traditions, colors, patterns and textures.  Andy works intuitively from a global aesthetic that integrates high fashion and couture.  His goal is to connect with people on all levels through visual aesthetics.  Andy brings to bear his signature style on his artistic endeavors as well.  He sculpts, paints and creates art pieces brimming with the same signature style that makes his garments so special.  No matter what the subject, Andy’s creativity and passion are evident—even his sculpted birds are fashionable. 

Andy Drew 2 has completed several lines of women’s ready to wear fashions, and is credited as the featured designer in many fashion shows including: Catwalk 2004 (annual fashion showcase at the Celebrity Center in Hollywood), Fashion On The Square 2007 (Union Square, San Francisco--the largest outdoor fashion show on the west coast), and most recently, The 2008 First Ladies High Tea sponsored by the LA Focus Newspaper.  With each fashion show, the buzz surrounding Andy Drew 2 continues to get louder.  Currently, Andy designs for private clients, and his hand-crafted work is featured on his website.  Andy has worked with internationally known and celebrated photographer Ash Gupta, and was also the fashion designer and a creative consultant for the WNWN photo shoot with Meagan Good.  Additionally, Andy has designed a handbag for Janet Jackson and completed a denim-inspired art project for Gap. Through his work, Andy’s connectivity to fashion is impossible to ignore.


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