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CHIRP – Independent Hype (1st installment)

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Being in the Indie Apparel business helps us to meet many different individuals with a ton of great ideas and outstanding designs.  When we ran across Briian Dargon, the owner and designer for Chirp, we were more than excited at his displays and creations.  In a cozy and well maintained rehabbed storage container at the famous DeKalb Market, Briian displayed some amazing clothing and jewelry creations.  Originally from Richmond, VA, Briian was surrounded by design inspiration, in the form of the women in his family.  According to Briian, watching women remain stylish with little to no money was enough to push his own creativity.  He finds the 40’s and 50’s to be a pivotal period in style and fashion.  His appreciation of the patterns, materials and headwear allow him to pull from a nostalgic sense of creation.
 The company name “Chirp” has a more than distinct history.  Meaning, “Communicate” Chirp represents the voice of those who have been silenced.  Being raised in a less than communicative environment, Briian would watch the birds outside of his Virginia home and admire their ability to communicate with one another.  Through these observations, he soon found a voice in his creations. 
To communicate is an innate ability and fashion, follows the same vein.  Chirp designs, along with Briian’s other line, B Sixtee6, are inspired from surrounding things.  Native American and African print, cottons, felts and polyesters provide mediums that allow Chirp to soar and be recognized.  Chirp jewelry designs are inspired by childhood and the loss of innocence.  If Chirp were motivated by its own soundtrack, songs such as Against All Odds by Phil Collins, Are You Listening by Kirk Franklin, Beautiful by Tammi Haddon, Believe in Yourself – Wiz Soundtrack, Blackbird by The Beatles and Butterfly by Mariah Carey would definitely make the cut.
“Being the 1st me and not the next someone else,” is the statement of direction given by Briian.  This sentiment has landed him design credits such as Jessica Alba, Erykah Badu and Ishmael Butler.
 As a brand and umbrella of designs, the most important points of wearable, self-esteem building, and self-validating motivation are shown in every piece.  To witness the creations of Chirp are a pure joy and it is truly reason for it to be an Independent Hype.

 In order to preview and gain access to some of these masterful designs, please feel free to connect with Mr. Briian Dargon via the links listed below.

Web: www.etsy.com/chirp66
Blog: www.love-chirp.blogspot.com
Facebook: Briian Dargon
Twitter: @Bsixtee6
Instagram: Bsixtee6

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