Tuesday, November 10, 2015

MOTIVATING MOMENT: Words of Wisdom from Meryl 11/10/15

It's not easy being an artist (Hell, it's not easy being ) so I often try to find ways to be inspired as I pursue my endeavors. I came across this today and it spoke to me.

Meryl Streep - "This was me on my way home from an audition for King Kong where I was told I was too "ugly" for the part. This was a pivotal moment for me. This one rogue opinion could derail my dreams of becoming an actress or force me to pull myself up by the boot straps and believe in myself. I took a deep breath and said "I'm sorry you think I'm too ugly for your film but you're just one opinion in a sea of thousands and I'm off to find a kinder tide." Today I have 18 Academy Awards. :)

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