Monday, August 17, 2015

Take Two...or is it Three: Noted Designer Briian Dargon has other passions

Noted Clothing and Accessories Designer Briian Dargon has begun his second act by delving into his life long passion for acting. 

Having just wrapped a role in the Independent Comedy "THE OPENERS" , Briian is well on his way to tackling Hollywood.

In "THE OPENERS" Directed by Leslie Korein, he plays a Stand-Up Comedian/Heckler at an Open Mic.

Briian's other films include "After Party Babies" Directed by Henry Cruz and "The Raging Boom" Directed by Mahagony B.
He also appears as the instructor in a commercial for Hamilton College.

Briian opens up about his waiting to start his acting career.

LC: You're relatively new to acting and you're a person of a certain age, why now?

B: Why not now? Now is just as good a time as any. To be more straightforward, acting is something that I've always wanted to pursue and had a few opportunities  when I was younger that didn't work out but when my last birthday rolled around I made a promise to myself that I was going to pursue it. I didn't want to have any regrets. There was some trepidation in the beginning because I was beating myself up wondering "what if I weren't good enough" or forget being good enough what if I really sucked, lol. My mom used to say you've already failed if you don't try and that's kind of how I live my life...within reason. 

LC: In a very short period of time, you've begun to create a resume that is beginning to look quite impressive, what has the experience been like for you this far?

B: Thank you very much. I didn't come into this trying to be anything other than who I am. Acting for me is an extension of who I have always been creatively and I felt like it would be a challenge that I could rise to. I am so grateful that the people I've worked with so far allowed me to come on to their projects and trust me to deliver and they have provided an atmosphere that makes me want to be my best. 

LC: What has been the downside of any?

B: There hasn't really been a downside, I guess it all depends on how you look at it. I've gone on auditions where I didn't get the part, it stings because you may want it really bad but I also look at it from the perspective that it wasn't for me and that I'm now available for the role that is. 

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