Monday, March 17, 2014

EAR TO THE STREET: Porsha Williams Doesn't "FLATLINE" on new single

Admittedly I do not view any of the "Reality" shows that are on television but you would have to live under a rock to not know the content of these shows especially if you have social media and/or cable ( and at this point almost everyone does).

So when I heard Porsha Williams, one of the housewives from one of the aforementioned "reality" shows Real Housewives of Atlanta had released a music single called "FLATLINE" and after the ridiculous but kitschy and catchy song "TARDY FOR THE PARTY" released by another "reality" star Kim Kolziak a few years ago, I was more than a bit skeptical.

Against my better judgement, I purchased "FLATLINE" from iTunes and if I were a betting man I would be paying up right about now. The lyrical content and arrangement of the song are surprisingly good and I say surprisingly because I'm sure there are people who knew Ms.Williams could sing hence the single but I was not one of them.

Speaking of singing, I was really caught off guard by the quality of her voice. Forget the engineering, mixing and mastering of the production, it seems like Porsha Williams is the "Real" deal. 

"FLATLINE" is a melodic, heartbreaking outpouring of reflective, confused and hurtful love lost and who hasn't been there?

I highly recommend purchasing "Flatline" and reach out to Ms.Williams on twitter/IG @porsha4real and let her know what you think.

Briian Dargon

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