Friday, April 13, 2012


There's nothing like a bright sky and warm sun to wake humans from their winter-long hibernation (although New York didn't really have much a winter this year). With the warm weather, there always seem to be a renewal of spirit, bright smiles and a strong mentality of "Let's Make It Happen".

I have certainly been feeling that lately. I'm waking up earlier to the seagulls ( what can i say, i live near Coney Island), I'm creating some interesting pieces that are making me fist pump (Whoot Whoot!!!), My old clients are calling wanting new product and i'm meeting new people everyday who say they want to help take what i do to the "next level". Ahh Yes! There is definitely a "Spring" in my step.

I've also been thinking about my company's growth beyond the "Cut and Sew" and i'm excited about those "definibilities" (Yes! I made up that word).

As the season progresses, i look forward to my boutique, 66 Blak Birds continuing it's growth as well as some promising collaborations, photoshoots and who knows what else.

Until then, stay tuned to the same chirp place (here).

Yayyyyy Spring, Whoot Whoot!!!!!!!

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