Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The For FATHERS Project

When i was asked to be a sponsor for this project admittedly, i had no idea what it was other than what it sounded like, a project that would incorporate photographs, film and other forms of creative conumdrums to express the heart of fatherhood.

After speaking to Marlon Cole, i was a little more than excited to support this amazing and needed project.

Thank you to Marlon and the ForFATHERS Project family for allowing me to be a part of such a wonderful piece of work.

What is forFATHERS project?
forFATHERS project celebrates the importance of fatherhood through photography, film, and other artistic mediums.
This project attracts a demographic of active fathers, young professionals, stay at home dads and men looking for parenting information. Visitors that browse and interact on the site share and receive information and advice.
A print and digital publication for and about fathers. It uses a traditional approach with its usage of photographs and words. Each volume we feature a selection of fathers with amazing stories, whom we think are doing amazing things as parents. With its unique mix of interviews and photo essays, 4FATHERS goal of giving today’s father a voice through its publication is achieved with each volume delivered bi-annually.
An emerging movement of ambitious fathers, intelligent, young professionals who want to be happy, successful, and great parents.

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