Monday, September 12, 2011

5 Year Old Model/Breakdancer/Guitarist Prince Cy'Riq Repping Hard for 66 BLAK BIRDS and CHIRP by BSIXTEE6

Prince Cy'Riq walked the runway for my line CHIRP by BSIXTEE6 on Sunday, September 11th 2011 during Dekalb Market's first Fashion's Night Out event.

Cy’Riq Yashua Eloheem Mina-Colon was born on April 19th, 2006, in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY. Cy'Riq at the age of 1 ½ years old began to show his interest and love for music. He was given a guitar by his Grandfather Felix Mina Sr. and he has never laid it down since then. His love for music was immediately noticed by all his family and friends. Cy’Riq would bring his guitar to church every Sunday.  He would sit and observe the guitarist and church band at work and would mimic their movements on how to play the strings.  Soon after Cy’Riq built up the courage to stand at the front of the church and play the guitar. He attracted lots of attention by playing the guitar.  The more that people watched him sing and play music the more he enjoyed it.
When Michael Jackson passed away Cy’Riq like many other kids around the world grew a new passion for music through the blessings and spirit of MJ. Cy’Riq would watch MJ music videos over and over and learn from MJ’s impressive dance steps.  Cy’Riq will not only watch but will also like to imitate his dance moves, down to the outfits. On Sunday May 16th, 2010 during the ending of the annual 5th Avenue Street festival in his hometown of Park Slope his father Enrique Mina unofficially put him on stage and Cy’Riq loved it. There was a large crowd of people watching including friends of his father.  Overtime Cy’Riq’s comfort level of performing in front of large crowds grew immensely.  Cy’Riq has a genuine interest and passion for hip hop, pop music and break dancing moves. Cy’Riq has also showcased his raw talent on the NYC train platforms, street fairs, festivals and outdoor public concerts. Cy’Riq is a natural born self-taught street performer and entertainer, who loves to make family; friends and everyone around him have fun.
There were a few videos posted on You Tube & Face Book by his father.  To view the video please double click the following hyperlink, or simply type the URL into your browser:  

Biography By          Father- Enrique Mina
Trivia                      Started playing guitar by age one and a half.  He was very influenced by Elmo’s “Wild, Wild West”.  He is often called the “Guitar Boy/ Kid”.
Cy’Riq started moving to music around the age of one ½ year old. He was motivated by “My Love” by the talented Justin Timberlake which was released in the Fall of 2006. Is also often called little Michael Jackson, because of his passion and love of MJ’s dance moves. He is also inspired by Usher and Justin Beiber.


  1. peace bro..thanks for the love...he had so much fun...and is mos def loving the gear...

  2. Prince Cyriq is a STAR IN MAKING!!!! Wait and see...